Since its inception in 1967, Verde Valle has been built on the principle of actively contributing to the healthy eating of its consumers in Mexico and across the world.

We have a sophisticated process of selecting grains and ingredients from the best harvests of Mexico and the world. Our rigorous quality control implements the latest innovations of science and technology.

All of our efforts show our commitment to you and to what makes it to your table.


To feed and delight our consumers with healthy, nutritious products that are of higher quality and have better flavor than any other brand. To maintain a positive work environment with top talent and to achieve a successful balance of benefits for our employees.


To be an extraordinary company of healthy, nutritious value-added products that dominate the categories that Mexico participates in with well-positioned brands, that are at the same time both traditional and innovative. 


  • Integrity in everything we do.
  • We all need each other.
  • Results-driven.
  • Passion for our brands and innovation.
  • A human environment.
  • Share benefits with employees.
  • Quality in is our veins.
  • Plurality and equity.

Quality and Safety Policy

The trust of our customers and consumers in our food and services guide our actions and makes it a priority, they show their confidence when selecting our brands, therefore at Verde Valle we are committed to:

  • Ensure the quality and safety of our products.
  • Fulfill our internal standards, customer requirements, national and
    international regulations.
  • Constantly improve.

We have established objectives that guarantee healthy, nutritious, practical, safe and tasty food at a good price with the best service.

Quality is created by our people and suppliers; it does not cost, and it makes us more productive. It is headed by our management who provide the necessary resources to maintain, communicate and have adequate training to achieve these objectives.

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