Verde Valle is the #1 brand in Mexico of rice, beans, seeds and other value-added products because we use the best harvests in all the world to prepare delicious, healthy recipes for you and your family.

Isadora’s whole and refried beans are the best both in flavor and in texture, made with delicious, homemade recipes. Thanks to their high-tech packaging, there do not no preservatives and you can re-heat them in the microwave or right in a pan.

Finally, even better than homemade! Spicy, delicious and filled with natural ingredients, Sonia’s Salsas will be your new best friend in the kitchen. Made the old-fashioned way with no preservatives, Sonia’s Salas are traditionally Mexican.

You’d never know this granola is sugar-free by its flavor! Branli Granolas are prepared with natural ingredients and grains, now with no sugar added. We have an option for every time of your day.

Craving something crunchy during the day? Crujinola is the answer. The perfect ally for giving your breakfasts, snacks or desserts a little crunch. Perfect for kids and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Crujiente granola tipo casera que se elabora principalmente a mano y es horneada lentamente dos veces. Deliciosa receta artesanal, disfruta esta maravillosa mezcla de ingredientes y granos cuando quieras y donde quieras.

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